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If you’ve set your sights on cosmetic, reconstructive or skin surgery, the first step is usually an initial consultation. This will either take place at Skin Surgery Clinic (Guiseley), the Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital or Spire Leeds Hospital, depending on which procedure you are interested in.

For cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures:

I offer a free 10-minute mini consultation. It’s a chance for us to meet face-to-face and briefly discuss the cosmetic procedure you are interested in. An examination will not take place.

The next step is a full consultation, where we will discuss your health in general and talk about your expectations. I take the time to determine exactly what you want – and discuss how achievable it is. You’ll also receive written information on your operation. There is a charge for this consultation.

For skin surgery procedures:

You may or may not need a consultation for minor skin surgery. This will be decided on a case by case basis and will be discussed at the point of enquiry.

Openness, honesty and integrity is at the heart of what I do. So I never make empty promises or give false hope. And I will always tell a patient if they don’t need a procedure.


After a paid consultation there’s a compulsory two-week cooling off period. However if you have further questions or queries during this period, I encourage us to meet for a complimentary second appointment.


Your care continues when the procedure is over.

If you are an in-patient, I will assess your recovery every day and I review your progress one-to-two weeks after the operation. We also meet around six weeks after your procedure however if, in-between appointments, you have worries or concerns then you’re welcome to book another meeting.

For minor surgery procedures which do not require a stay in hospital, you will also be offered appropriate aftercare and support.


Surgery is a big decision – but I’m with you every step of the way.

I believe in consistency of care so I not only carry out your consultation and your procedure, but every appointment and post-surgery review too.

So why wait any longer? Get in touch today and together we can see the new you take shape.